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Kitchen with window shutters in Ocala, FL.

Impressive Window Shutters in Ocala, FL

Are you looking to make a great addition to your home? Then it is time to consider window shutters in Ocala, FL. Available in a variety of different styles, our shutters help you protect your property from strong winds and weather while also functioning as perfect pieces of exterior décor to boost your curb appeal. Contact Ocala Shutters & Blinds LLC today to learn more about all of our different products or to request shutter repairs.

Wooden plantation shutters in Ocala, FL.


The Premier Series consists of our highest-grade plantation shutters. These are functional works of art that are manufactured from the finest materials. They are available in both stained and painted finishes with the shutters for staining constructed out of basswood.

For the most discriminating customers, our Premier Series shutters can be crafted into nearly any custom size or shape you could want. We have configured angles and arches to even the most demanding specifications.


Over the years, customers have come to trust our Premier Series plantation shutters' consistency, quality, and value. You will be happy to learn that our Tech Series solid vinyl shutters are no different. These shutters are produced using solid extruded PVC, which creates a durable surface with virtually no blemishes. A bonus found in the Tech Series is that our stiles have a wooden core to provide superior strength.

Tech Series vinyl shutters can be crafted into nearly any custom shape or size, including the most demanding angle or arch specifications. They are available in standard or custom painted colors with several finishes available. Whether for the entire home or a few rooms, these shutters offer a unique alternative to wood for your window coverings.

Vinyl shutters in Ocala, FL.

How to Care for Your Wooden Shutters

For stained shutters: Dust the shutters with any household wood polish (non-solvent-based) with a soft cloth. The clear coat finish we use has the same properties common to the most stained household furniture.

For our premier painted and quick wood line: Dust using a household-grade window cleaner and a soft cloth to keep your window shutters clean.

For tech-based products: use a duster or a household window cleaner and a soft cloth.

DO NOT USE: ACETONE OR NAIL POLISH REMOVER, ANY SOLVENT-BASED CLEANER, MINERAL SPIRITS, HARDBRISTLED BRUSHES, OR SCRUB SPONGES—any of these items will severely damage the feel and the finish of the surface.